The Myositis Association understands the important role that caregivers play in the lives of people affected by chronic illness.

According to the National Family Caregivers Association, there are more than 50 million family caregivers across the country providing services valued at $257 billion annually They are an invisible unpaid healthcare workforce supporting the foundation of our healthcare system and providing 80% of all home care services.

Not only do they provide valuable unpaid services, they lose significant amounts of lifetime earnings and social security benefits to stay home with a family member. TMA partners with the National Family Caregivers Association to draw attention to the importance of family members in the lives of myositis patients.

There are three important ways that all of us can help caregivers, according to the NFCA. They are:

  • advocating for stronger public policies that improve the day-to-day life of family caregivers;
  • educating the caregivers about the importance of maintaining their own good physical and emotional health; and
  • providing helpful information.

TMA also addresses:

Practical concerns of caregivers

Emotional challenges of caregivers

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Updated March 2012




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