Find a Physical Therapist

Doctors often recommend physical therapy as an adjunct to other forms of treatment for myositis. Maintaining strength and flexibility is important to your overall health.

Since myositis is rare, it is likely that many therapists have never heard of it. Your doctor may be able to suggest a therapist who has experience with myositis patients. Even having no experience with myositis, the therapist should be able to design a program for someone with muscle inflammation and weakness.

It is suggested that you follow these guidelines in selecting a physical therapist for your treatment:

  • Ask the therapist if he/she has treated anyone with a similar condition.
  • Be wary of the therapist who claims to be able to cure you or who brushes off myositis as trivial.
  • Find out if they are willing to research myositis and/or consult with your primary doctor.

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Updated March 2012




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