Planning an Event

Events provide an excellent opportunity to educate the public about myositis and bring much-needed attention to the importance of research funding. TMA is available to help you with your campaign, including choosing an event, finding volunteers, gaining media attention, and managing the finances.

Contact TMA for materials and support.

Choosing an event

Decide what type of event you would like to organize. TMA members have successfully held:

  • Golf tournaments
  • Car washes
  • Fashion shows
  • Homemade Jewelry Sales
  • Concerts
  • Auctions
  • Bike rallies
  • Pancake breakfasts
  • Swimming tournaments
  • Luncheons
  • Skating parties
  • Danceathons
  • Softball/baseball/sports tournaments
  • Walks/runs
  • Black tie dinners
  • Galas

Be creative. Read hints from previous event organizers.

Finding volunteers

Find group members as well as their friends and family who are able to help with different aspects of the campaign:

  • Pre-event planning (planning routes for walks, securing permissions, advertising, etc.)
  • Fundraising (managing donations, registration fees, expenses)
  • Registration and event-day activities (set-up, staffing registration desk and water tables, clean-up, etc.)

With your volunteers, assign specific tasks to each volunteer. Keep in touch regularly with your volunteers to be sure they have all of the tools they need to complete their tasks.

Don't take on all of the responsibility yourself! TMA can help recruit volunteers.

Gaining media attention

Television, radio and newspaper reporters are attracted to human-interest features. While most stories about myositis are not front-page news, you'll find that reporters are always looking for stories to inspire, educate or entertain their audience.

When thinking about publicity for your event consider the following:

  • Start small. Your best bet for coverage is right in your own hometown. You can find the contact information for your local media in the Yellow Pages or on the web.
  • Look for neighborhood or alternative newspapers. If a local business supports your event, ask them to mention it in the community "shopper" that covers local business promotions.
  • Contact radio and television stations for possible public service announcements. They will be able to turn your news release into a short announcement. If your event has been supported by a local business, ask the business to mention the event in its advertising.
  • Consider all your options. If your business or profession publishes a newsletter, let the editor know that you are involved in an event. Use the business connections of everyone in your group.

TMA staff is available to help draft news releases and to find doctors and members to participate in interviews. Contact TMA.

Managing the finances

It's important to manage expenses and potential income to get the most out of your event.

Contact local merchants to donate items for prizes or to sponsor the event. These are tax-deductible expenses for the businesses. For golf tournaments, companies can sponsor individual holes; for walk-runs, water tables or post-race refreshments.

Businesses can donate materials and print services for advertising and t-shirts for participants. The possibilities are endless.

Find event forms to keep your finances in order and sample letters to request materials and/or services from businesses.




Updated March 2012




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