Your Myositis Community

The challenge for those who have a rare disease is to find others who understand and share their experience. TMA has several ways for members to find and talk to each other, and we hope you'll use them often. TMA members teach each other practical solutions to everyday problems, strategies for negotiating the health care system, ways to manage disease symptoms and side effects of medication, and the importance of support and encouragement.

TMA's Community connects people through support groups, message boards and stories of hope and courage.

  • Visit My TMA for TMA publications, support group lists and more.
  • Find out more about TMA's support network.
  • Explore the Community Forum to communicate with other TMA members and friends through message boards and chat rooms.
  • Read stories about other people living with myositis. - Coming Soon!
  • Participate in myositis surveys and find the results from past questions.
  • TMA also hosts live discussions with experts about treatments, coping strategies, and other topics of interest to you.





Updated March 2012






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